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The "Unidentified" Gun of Kashmir

The "Unidentified" Gun of Kashmir

May 21 On 21st May, 1990 three gunmen entered inside the bedroom of the Mirwaiz e Kashmir, Moulvi Mohammed Farooq who had refused security, and shot him dead. Mirwaiz had...

Asifa, the 8 year old Kid was Gang raped and then murdered Asifa, the 8 year old Kid was Gang raped and then murdered

"We will stand with Gujjars in their struggle" Justice Demanded for Asifa Featured

April 08

(Press Release)

When the news of rape and murder of eight year old Asifa came in public it sent shivers down the spine of all concerned humans. As if this gruesome crime was not enough that the right wing communal forces continued its assault on the already marginalized gujjar bakarwal community.

Two months have passed since the commission of crime and the majority community from kathua to jammu is continuously attempting to sabotage the legal and judicial processes. The continued methods used by the people who are not only the conspirators but also the executors of crime need to be brought under punitive measures by the legal system of the state.

As the Crime Branch investigation has revealed the motive of the case and it is established that the crime was committed to threaten the gujjar community and dispossess them of their traditional homes. The supporters of the accused have organized themselves and are now using their social and political power to influence the legal and judicial processes. We want to tell these perpertrators that dont consider the gujjar and bakerwal alone in this struggle. Kashmiri community will rally behind our fellow people from gujjar bakarwal community whenever need comes. We want to assure our gujjar bakarwal brethren and sistren that we will stand with them in their struggle.

The supporters of the conspirators and accused have also attempted to threaten the lawyer of the victim family who is committed to stand with the family in the whole judicial process. Any threat to the lawyer is a direct threat and attempt to sabotage the judicial process. We request the Court to take notice of these incidents and ask the government to secure the protection of the lawyer who is very important to the delivery of justice in this case.

It is important to understand that the impartiality is indispensable to the delivery of justice. All the attempts by the supporters of the accused to sabotage the judicial process will have direct impact on the bearing of the justice in the case. We feel that those organized groups are impacting the impartiality of the case which was investigated with much effort by the crime branch. In such a scenario we think it is imperative to transfer the case to Kashmir division in the interest of Justice. Also, more than two months have come to completion, we seek immediate filing of the charge sheet against the accused in the case. We reiterate that this case be treated rarest of rare case and the conspirators and the executors of the case be punished with death penalty for their involvement in this gruesome attack on the gujjar bakarwal community.

Justice for Asifa Solidarity forum condemns the behaviour of Jammu Bar President who used abusive and unparliamentarily language to Asifa’s lawyer in the court premises. The bar association of jammu has maligned the image of judicial institution. It is shameful how Jammu Bar association and other communal organisations are organising hunger strikes and involving the women family members of accused in such activities.

We as Justice for Asifa Solidarity Forum and people of Valley are at vigil to see that the government does justice to Asifa and her community. If incidents like these continue to happen we will launch a campaign to demand the transfer of the case to Srinagar High Court.

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