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Jasia is excited to be the first women cricketer of Kashmir to participate in the camp. Jasia is excited to be the first women cricketer of Kashmir to participate in the camp.

Shopian girl becomes first Kashmiri to join Indian Women's Cricket Camp Featured

September 11

Jasia, a native of Braripora village in south Kashmir’s Shopian district, becomes the first Kashmiri woman cricketer to have secured a place in the Indian Women Cricket Camp (IWCC).

She is only the second, after Roopali Slathia, from Jammu and Kashmir to have achieved this feat.

In 2013, when Jasia left Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) to play for Punjab, she would often feel sceptical about her performance against national-level players at different soil.

Having played for more than 15 years, less cricket activities and unsuitable conditions at Kashmir forced her to choose Punjab over native state.

“Snow and rainfall would consume almost our eight months here. And then cricket activities were very less coupled with frequent strikes. I had to take this decision even though I was scared whether I can make it,” she said.

After spending more than three years, her hard work bore results as she has been selected for Indian Women Cricket Camp (IWCC).

Jasia is excited to be the first women cricketer of Kashmir to participate in the camp.

“I haven’t revealed it to my parents yet as it want to pull a surprise on them. My brothers who know it actually are very excited. It is really a proud moment for me because I am the only female cricketer from Kashmir to achieve this feat,” she said.

Jasia said that she has worked hard during these three years to achieve this feat.

“When my coach first informed me that I have been selected, I couldn't believe it. I have remained out of the state during all these years and concentrated on my game to learn more and perform better,” she said.

Born to a farmer, Jasia says her parents supported her enough in chasing her dreams.

“My father is a farmer and mother housewife. They have never doubted my capabilities and always supported me to concentrate on the game. I remember when I got the offer to play for Punjab they supported me morally due to which results have been better,” she said.

Jasia says that she will utilize this opportunity to mark her place in Indian women cricket team.

In year 2015 she scored consecutively 65, 65, 47, 48 and 50 run in the five matches.

She was in top five T20 scorers at all India level as well.

Jasia has to report to the camp at National Cricket Academy on September 18.


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    In many of the statements, the survivor mentions only her own name or that of married relatives. Often they mention that all the “vulnerable” women other than themselves were away from the house that night, perhaps to protect them.

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