Anything Can Happen in Kashmir- “Anaconda Eggs Found in Pulwama”

July 03

The presence of snakes eggs has created fear psychosis among people in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district. The mysterious presence of what many called as Anaconda eggs have not only baffled people but the officials from Wild Life Department are also clueless.

Interestingly, Anaconda does not lay eggs but at its birth the anaconda is attached to a yolk sac and surrounded by a clear membrane, not a shell, as they develop in their mother’s body.

Reports from Pulwama said that eggs were found by people at various villages in agricultural land and orchards including Mitrigam, Sirnu, Muran, Rohmu and Monghama.
Showkat Ahmed, a local from Pulwama said that the other day he was in orchard when he found a bag in which anaconda eggs were present. “The bag was sealed with a label. The department of wild life Brazil was written on it,” he said.

Locals added that they found a large number of snakes roaming in the orchards. “The presence of snakes in orchards and fields in Pulwama is a rare phenomenon. We never come across any snake in our fields but now we are perplexed and baffled,” they said.

Meanwhile, a team from Wild Life Department visited different villages but said they didn’t find any snake anywhere. “There is nothing new in it. In Kashmir we find snakes at different places but the presence of anaconda snakes and eggs is totally new and strange,” said an official.

(This news was originally published on CNS)