Coke Studio Pakistan Brings to Life Poetry of Iqbal

August 13

The first episode of the Coke Studio Pakistan is out and it features Natasha Baig with the famous, Qawwals Fareed Ayaz and Abu Mohammad and brothers, performing the famous poet, Allama Iqbal’s- ‘Shikwa/Jawab-e-Shikwa’.

According to Coke Studio, this “unique rendition explores the genre of rock and the signature sound of qawwali in [a] one of a kind track.”

We will not spend much time on the Iqbal’s Shikwa but would like to linger more over its answer, Jawab-e-Shikwa, in which Iqbal imagines the voice of God answering the lamenter’s complaint.

Some of the most moving lines of the poem include:

“We are inclined to mercy, but there is no one to implore
Whom can we show the way? There is no wayfarer to the destintion
Jewel polishing is common but there is no proper jewel
There is no clay capable of being moulded into Adam
We confer the glory of Kai on the deserving
We confer even a whole new world on those who search”

Pakistani Singer, Natasha Baig starts off the 13-minute track, performing ‘Shikwa’ to a pop-rock riff and we can’t deny that her vocals are powerful.

Fareed Ayaz and Abu Mohammad Qawwal then take over ‘Jawab-e-Shikwa’ with their signature Qawwal style giving the Coke Studio touch. The track was composed by their father, the late Munshi Razi Uddin.