Taliban Leader Captured, Beheaded by ISIS- Toll of Fighting Reaches 100

July 18

The Islamic State militants captured and beheaded a senior commander of the rival Taliban amid fierce fighting continuing between the two groups in Afghanistan Jawzjan province.

aliban has been locked in a battle with Islamic State over the past one week in the Darzab district and on Wednesday IS militants killed Mullah Burjan, an Afghan official said.

The IS had recently claimed responsibility of blasts killed 125 people in Pakistan that goes to nation wide polls on 25 July amid Political chaos.

Earlier on Tuesday, an Islamic State suicide bomber had killed 20 people in northern Afghanistan, including a Taliban commander.

In northern Afghanistan, Taliban and the Islamic State group have been waging bitter battles in recent days. As many as 100 insurgents from both the Taliban and Islamic State have perished in recent battles, reports claimed.