Walking Through Kunan Poshpora, Pathribal and Rizwan- Justice Remains an Illusion in Kashmir

March 26

Advocate Syed Mujeeb ur Rehman

Death, extra judicial within or outside the death traps carries message of oppression and establish impunity of the oppressor in Kashmir, From Kunan Poshpora mass rapes to Pathribal fake encounter and Now the case of Rizwan, Kashmir has been searching justice.

To react against such a phenomena is a but natural aspect of any a civilised society. A human feeling be it read so. The sympath factor is spontaneous to born within endangered species and it is likewise people of Kashmir do come out enmass to alarm, to remind the people throughout the globe about the gloomy upheavals, the live tragedies and about  what not, to remind them about their  unabating pain and agony. It be because of it political front like joint resistance leadership comes often forward with protest calls like shut down etc.

The hard fact being that despite of all this the  vicious cycle of death’s goes on and be it under one name or the other and be these deaths justified under one story or the other.  To  the list of deaths the latest victim comes to be  one Rizwan Pandit of Awantipora.

The voices pitching for probe as to such cases virtually ought to have choked since of their own for the fact of having proved these probes and commissions a hoodwink to gain time , to let memories fade and  to get things hurried under the debris of any a new tragedy in offing.

People hold protests to demand justice for the recent custodial killing victim, Rizwan Ahmed in South Kashmir. Photo/ Umar Fayaz~The Kashmiriyat

The efforts to flick a thought for probe no more sound any a sense in the light of  the fate of infamous pathribal Brakpora deaths. There stand to be unanswered massacres like that of Bijbehara, Gowkadal, Hawal etc . The memories still haunt one on click to deaths of individuals too like that of Masheerul Haq, prof Abdul Ahad, Dr.Mahmood, Master Ab Gani, Aajiz Trail etc etc. To silence and to record a clean chit to killers one notice coining of expression like unidentified , unknown killers and with this message justice stand exhausted with no stamina to reopen or to punish the guilty.

On analysing the graph of deaths nothing beyond a dismal picture is to recognise the despondency of political pillars in combating the trend which is voice and vice of might and arrogance. A reason out on hunt to know as to why things run unbridled is the dire need for one and all as no death under any barrel is to add any a beauty to this paradise on earth. In a bid to seek for any a rational answer to afore held one finds Hartal calls as all unproductive to steer the might to any positive civilised mannerism to hold talks with an aim to reach out to any a cogent concrete solution.

Banking upon  the policy of   oppression  to reply or to question   opponent is let to bleed Kashmir profusely. Death is death , it never is to add any a charm. It snatches away every smile, every hope to live for tomorrow . Any and every death is to draw a cry asking for reply as why deaths? The tactics played by the elements believing in policy of repression, might trying to silence, to muzzle the voice as be unwanted before any such an element  is never to lead to address a real question frame to discuss or to understand.

The conflict so born attains a long lease on every death and so the utmost response is needed to reflect from the horses mouth to call red a red and white to a white. Responsibility is born upon political leadership of any a belief to address for a real concern is to converge all energies irrespective of any a belief to save a human.

The leadership here needs to focus all energies to let grow a matrix , a compost to spawn for a meaningful dialogue to respect a human beyond his political belief as a human first. The political leaders in a routine slip out their wishy-washy statements for probe on each death without any introspection to the past results.

They never muster courage and merit to ask the persons at the helm of affairs as Why Human specie is endangered, why deaths in valley a routine affair. If they have leased out their conscience for the sake of their petty interests then time us ripe for them to withdraw themselves from the arena of politics as their inefficiency is at its peak with a poorest performance on the fundamental of life as stand couched in the expression Right To Life.

Questions grow spontaneous each time asking the mandate of these politicians as How they rate their standing in the society when they issue statements just for the sake of statements rather to have concrete steps towards restoration of Human dignity and honour.

It often surfaces out that these so called politicians of the day have read the regulo of the  system in terms of its language on ground as oppressed have no choice beyond  expression of any a bubble life. From thirty years one experiences the gruesome incidents like that of rape and murders as be of Asiya, Nelofar, Asifa, of mass rapes in kunan and poshpora, of a bride at Hillar, ..

Who is to held responsible for them and of others?

Have ghosts be on the way to commit these dastardly brutal acts. Is not all this a National shame. Are not heads to get hurried in shame when culprits roam brazen facidly without any mark of threat  from institutions of law.\

All the same exposed sheer unaccountably and thus factor is seemingly adopted as a weapon by the one who believe in theory of Might than to reason. In the eventuality of facts it comes fore that the Hartal siyasat is no answer to afore laid socio_ political crisis . This has been a redundant one , rather runs all counter productive. Such Hartals do not have any impact upon the persons who do no good to the acknowledged system of laws, otherwise. No death adds any beauty to paradise on earth. In the eventuality of facts it is political houses in Kashmir , be on this side or on the other side do need to converge to a meaningful ficus, to a common resolution to sound from a joint platform that human killings , rapes are no more acceptable.

This dark period of goings-on is to be closed, is to be curbed and this can not be let to be any a tool in armoury to silence the voice of dissent be from any perspective. The Huriyat need to relook to their strategies. Situations cropped up in Kashmir no more allow for any a monotonous approach. A holistic view of all happenings from the past till date need to be updated to reach out to a joint consensus of all on the fundamental human issues to respect life. This basic right needs to be honoured.

Battle of ideas need to be fought democratically ,with a civilized apparoach and  good bye be bade Deaths in valley. Strategies with broader consensus can be sought, can  be build up to save a specie on earth as is badly endangered in its every daily environs by conflict of conflicts. , Where meaning and scope of life itself gets on changing every hour.

To let valley be not to a Valley of deaths, of turmoil and unrest paramount obligation of political parties of any a stream do need to evolve a strong meaningful mechanism to ensure idea and concept of ~ life~ be not let segmented in political, religious beliefs but be honoured as a meaningful purpose as otherwise the one who believe in theory of might, oppression are extending a long lease to unrest, to let conflict to bleed and bleed profusely.

Prudence and being civilised do ask all to sit towards peace building which presupposes acknowledgement of Right To meaningful life and not to let to trample And hound a specie on the illusory man made, ever changing concepts, line of interpretations. All the same runs to be paramount to make valley , valley of bliss rather than to be valley of deaths.