“What was My Crime”- A Letter From a 12 Year old Boy Killed Killed During Hajin Encounter

March 25

Tanveer Mir

As Kashmir is witnessing violence on daily basis in the form of CASOs, nocturnal raids, detentions, search operations, As a Kashmir, it has become a part of our everyday existence in the conflict torn land Kashmir.

As usual same thing happened few days ago in Bandipora’s Hajin area too when the area was cordoned off following specific inputs about presence of Militants in there, Later on the siege was tightened which resulted into the encounter.

As encounters are not new things to the Kashmir Valley, but one thing which differentiates it from other was that a boy and his uncle were trapped inside the house, At the end, the guns fell silent casting a shadow upon many lives leaving behind a trail of gutted houses and whizzing bullets.

But, the irreparable loss of life took place in the form of Mir Atif , a 12 year old kid who was killed in the gunfight along with two other insurgents, but here the most important thing is that Atif does not know for what reasons he had been martyred, for what cause he faced the brutal oppression for long duration where every type of arsenal was in use.

“I was a budding flower of this conflict torn Kashmir who had to live a long life ahead with bright future. But things changed from me as my life ended early, being martyr of the oppressed nation.

Here the point is that this conflict has shattered our lives in every aspect as combatants from either sides continue to be at loggerheads. Both the sides should not miss drawing thin lines between Combatants and non combatants in situations like these.

Trapping an innocent, 12 year old child in between the barrels of guns is not a civilized way of fighting any war, at least in an idealistic state, Time has come when people need to understand that brutal forces from any side can only result in loss of innocent lives rather than achieving something positive.

Same thing happened with me, a son of this soil as my life was cut short before its bloom.The bud was pinned down before it could flourish in its coming life. Death has become a routine in my valley as we are always in the state of mourning one after the other incident.

I fail to reason why i was killed brutally.

We hope that this deadly conflict will come to end soon, these types of incidents need condemnation from all quarters or stalk holders keeping ideological difference aside, so that society wakes up.

Such incidents are acts of brutality downgrading the values of humanity, our freedom struggle from years has always been civilized and properly managed as we have proved that in tough times.

We (Kashmiris), as nation has never created examples against terrorism despite facing world largest military power.

People in the power corridors must rethink the muscular policy, which is not going to work in Kashmir, instead it will worsen the situation.

Peace should be given a chance, Young buds as i and Mudasir do not deserve to die.