When Haakh is Sold 60 Rupees a Kilo

February 13

As the Kashmir highway shut for more than seven days, the prices of commodities in Kashmir have reached sky high.

This sudden price hike has caused anguish among local populace, as chicken is being sold at 200 rupees per kilogram at places.

In shortage of Mutton, at various places, Mutton was sold as high as 500 rupees a kg, and the prices of vegetables has also rose to sky heights.

Up in arms against the authorities over failing to put a lid over the black marketing of essentials in the valley, people alleged that not even a single time officials of the CAPD visited the markets and acted against the outlaws.

Haakh (collard greens), a local production and a almost daily consumed vegetable is being sold as high as 60 rupees a Kilogram in markets.

The price of eggs and other items has also rose drastically causing anger among local population.

“We are getting the commodities almost at the double prices and the government is not doing anything to curb this menace,” says Farooq Ahmad, a resident of South Kashmir told The Kashmiriyat.

Various others echoed Farooq’s views in his area saying that greens are sold at the rate of 100 rupees per KG and peas at Rs 100 per kg.

Highway connecting Srinagar with Jammu and India remained blocked for more than seven days after heavy snowfall blocked the highway.

More than 3000 trucks carrying essentials to the valley were stranded on the highway.

However on Tuesday evening, the stranded vehicles were allowed to move into the valley, the price hike is expected to go down in a span of three to four days.

Meanwhile CAPD officials along with administration officials conducted market checks in various areas of the valley including in Islamabad (Anantnag), Sopore, Srinagar, Shopian and other areas.