While India Wants Rohingya Deportation, 3400 Indians Caught Illegally entering U.S.A

August 13

The US-Mexico Border has become a hot-spot for Indian Immigrants seeking to enter the United States, illegally.
Not Mexicans or Africans, now Indians are one of the fastest growing illegal immigrants to the US.

According to a Fox News Report, Indians who are unable to obtain H1B visas, have started to enter the country illegally via the US-Mexico Border, that too in hordes.

In 2015, the US officials apprehended six immigrants from India trying to cross into the U.S from Mexico. So far, the number of illegal Indian immigrants entering the US is already 3,400 which was zero until 2008.

The U.S-Mexico border is divided into nine sectors and smallest is El Centro, west of the Arizona-California border. That region along the US-Mexico border has become a hub for entering the US illegally for Indians.

Meanwhile India has been demanding the deportation of Rohingya refugees who had to flee home after the crisis in Burma. The Rohingya Community faced state violence as well as the wrath of the majority community.