Muslims Must stop eating Meat, Or We Will Take Law into Our own Hands- BJP Member threatens UP Police

May 29

The former Mayor of Aligarh and  BJP Member on Tuesday threatened to take law into her own hands after a few self-appointed ‘cow vigilantes’ stopped a vehicle allegedly carrying ‘beef’ to Aligarh.

In a video of the incident, the former BJP mayor can be heard warning the Uttar Pradesh police officers that people would “do what they want” if the instances of cow slaughter are not immediately curbed.

Shakuntala even urged her cadres to thrash those who are purportedly involved in cow slaughter.

In a series of highly objectionable comments, Bharati mocked the Rozedars, criticising them for consuming meat even as they keep fasts during the holy month. The comments were caught on camera.

Bharati told senior police officials, “This is not a Samajwadi Party govt, this is a BJP government. If such instances (of cow slaughter) are not curbed), I am warning you that people would not be responsible for what they do.”

He had punished a Muslim boy for wearing a kalava (red thread) on his wrist when he claimed that the boy had worn the thread to “lure” Hindu girls.

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  1. Ruth says:

    She is spoiling the name of Modi who promised secularism in his maiden speech after elections. She should be arrested under goondas act.

  2. Geeta says:

    She seems sick would be good if police take action and kill such elements in an encounter

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