No Tourist Attacked Anywhere, Kashmir still the Safest Heaven for Tourism

April 03


The Inspector General of Jammu Kashmir Police (IGP) on Tuesday has said that the tourists have never been targeted in Kashmir.

Kashmir always has been a safe place for tourists, recently a group of women tourists had said Kashmir is the safest place for women to travel to.

Some Media houses have been constantly propagating that some tourists have been attacked by some groups as the tourist season sets in.

The Jammu Kashmir Police has said that it is looking into the authenticity of reports of stone pelting on tourist buses.

 “Police is looking into it. Give me some time I will officially comment on it,” he said and was quick to add that “I can assure that tourists are safe here”, the IGP said.

In a conversation with news agency KNS, the IGP has confirmed that  no tourist was attacked especially in Dalgate Srinagar.

“We spoke to police but they confirmed that no such incident happened in the area,” the Director claimed.

Some fictions of Indian media have reported that on Sunday evening stone-pelters targeted tourists at three different places in the valley.

“Nobody was attacked anywhere in Kashmir, we have been welcoming all tourists and everyone knows it,” a tourism operator based in Srinagar told The Kashmiriyat over phone.